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Introducing the .Store Domain Extension

The store service is one of the fastest growing service industries in the world. As a result, online stores and businesses have become some of the most competitive sites on the Internet. On average, there are over 300 million searches a month for the word ‘store’, ‘store services’ resulting in a staggering amount of page views annually.

.STORE is one of the hundreds of domain name extensions that will be released by...Read More

Protect Your Trademark or Brand Name!

Got a trademark or brand related to the store services? We invite you to pre-register the name(s). We will notify you so you can make the arrangement to register all your trademarks and/or brand names before the .STORE domain registration become open to the public.Read More

STORE Establishments & Businesses

Are you a store? Do you own a store that offers various products/services? Do you currently own a .com .net or .org website catered to the store services (i.e. stores, news, forums, distribution, e-commerce, etc.)? Be First to register your .Store domain! Join the internet revolution! Get a better name for your store ! Read More

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